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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

An Innovation and Knowledge Centre funded by EPSRC and Innovate UK

Studying at Cambridge

Focus areas

Image: CSIC providing solutions at a deployment site

CSIC designs, develops and delivers innovative technologies, tools and models enabling industry to exploit novel technical advances at the earliest opportunity to deliver a world-class construction, infrastructure and asset-management industry.

To achieve our overarching goal of transforming the nations' infrastructure and construction industry, CSIC works within four spatial scales of activity:

Cities and Infrastructure Systems - where we research:

• What economic value does our infrastructure create? •How does our infrastructure best serve our communities? • What form should our infrastructure take?

Assets Management - where we research:

• How do we operate, manage and maintain our assets to deliver best whole-life value? • How do we futureproof our assets against changing requirements and against shocks? • What decisions do we need to take to do so? • What information do we need to make those decisions?

Data Analysis and Interpretation - where we research:

• How do we best design, construct and monitor our structures to deliver the performance we need? • What data do we need to do this and how do we interpret it?

Sensors and Data Collection - where we research:

• What sensors are needed to measure the performance of our structures, assets and cities? • How can we make them robust? • How do we analyse the data to give reliable, meaningful results?