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BSI case study

BSI shaping the future by setting standards for smart cities by Claudio Martani

















Image: London Bridge station redevelopment project and the Shard

The project

CSIC has a pivotal role in developing smart cities. CSIC provides new research that feeds the development of a novel and over-arching level of BSI standards for smart cities. These city standards will support effective integration of the physical, digital and human realms to help deliver a sustainable future.  


CSIC is actively contributing to the development of Publicly Accepted Specification (PAS) standards and will put these to the test over the next 12 months at a number of selected case study sites of successful rail-led regeneration projects, including areas around London’s King’s Cross-St Pancras, London Olympic Park-Stratford and London Bridge.

Impact and benefits

CSIC case studies will:

•  further progress our collaborative standards work with BSI, contributing to further evolution of the publicly available specifications through in-depth case studies and committee work

 •   provide practical examples and evidence of the role of new standards for smart infrastructure and smart cities in the UK and internationally









Cities & infrastructure systems

“The work done by CSIC in relation to transport developments will be directly relevant to the forthcoming BSI publication PD 8101 on planning for smart cities. BSI sees continued collaboration with CSIC as a valuable means of ensuring that the knowledge embedded in the standards programme has a firm academic basis. One of the aims of the programme, in line with the objectives of the BIS Smart Cities Forum, is to gain international reputation for the UK’s expertise in smart cities.”

Dan Palmer, Head of Market Development at BSI