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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

Studying at Cambridge

Research and technologies


CSIC’s research and resulting technologies are tested and trialled on real sites throughout the UK. Results clearly show that measurement and the accompanying data analysis and interpretation can directly provide information of value to a range of stakeholders involved with the operation of our infrastructure. 

This combined information offers a whole-life picture of an asset enabling optimised future design, construction and performance.

CSIC is already making an impact on industry by delivering a range of new technologies designed to overcome specific engineering challenges and provide valuable data analysis and interpretation to asset owners. 

A selection of CSIC technologies and their application are showcased here:




Fibre optic measurements in segmental tunnel linings for National Grid and Crossrail

National Grid computer vision image


Computer vision technology to remotely monitor tunnel linings





Bevis marks



Fibre optic strain sensors (BOTDR) assess pile foundations for reuse





Data analysis & interpretation