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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

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Image: CSIC CSattAR monitoring the CSIC Smart Tunnel

Transforming the future of infrastructure requires innovation. 

Smart technologies are the key to innovation. These technologies are needed in order to measure and monitor the performance of structures, assets and cities.

The output data collected by the technologies must then be analysed to provide reliable and meaningful results valuable to asset managers and owners.

CSIC turns theory into action by trialling new innovative sensor technologies and data interpretation methods at real field sites. 

New sensor technologies often produce engineering datasets not previously available. CSIC provides industry with new methods and tools for engineering interpretation.  

Secondees from industry are working with CSIC to develop a new thinking process that is of direct use to engineering practice. CSIC’s work in this area is unique – it combines the development of new sensors with new data interpretation. 

CSIC is pushing the boundaries of new sensor technologies and building industry confidence in them.

Collaborating with Industry Partners, CSIC is able to drive innovation into practice by deploying emerging technologies at many of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects including Crossrail, National Grid and the Staffordshire Alliance.

CSIC does not rely on any single technology but works on a variety to find the appropriate device or set of technologies for specific industry applications.

Read more about our innovative sensor technologies and data collection tools.

Sensor & data collection

"CSIC is unrivalled in its development of emerging and innovative sensor technologies, deploying them on some of the UK's largest infrastructure projects."

 Prof Kenichi Soga, Co-Investigator Sensor & data collection team