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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

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The sensor and data collection team works closely with its Industry Partners to accelerate the process of design-deploy-deliver, to reach technology readiness stage and enable industry to directly benefit from innovation.

CSIC collaborates with Industry Partners to create intellectual property such as recently filed patents on fibre optic technology (with Skanska and Arup) and vibration energy harvesting (with Cambridge Enterprise and IP Group) and products including: distributed fibre optic sensing analyser (with Aeroflex); Computer Vision tools (with Toshiba) and Smart Foundation software (with Skanska and Cambridge Enterprise).

CSIC also incubates start-up companies such as CSattAR (on computer vision) and Utterberry (on WSN).

Collaborating with Industry Partners and grounding our academic work with the construction industry – practitioners and asset owners alike – maintains CSIC’s focus on real industry needs.

Industry Partners further benefit from:

• regular Industry Partner meetings

• bespoke training workshops on specific technologies

• early implementation of techniques and technologies offers competitive advantages


Read more about our work with our industry partners here




Sensor & data collection

“The UtterBerry system is an innovation that could become the standard for future monitoring across the construction industry. It is 100 per cent remote, uses almost no power, is very robust, highly accurate and was cheaper than both the traditional alternatives for its application at the Eleanor Street site. There’s no doubt it could be used in many different applications.”

 Nigel Marsh, Senior Surveyor at Costain


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