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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

Studying at Cambridge

Our vision & strategy

Four scales of smart infrastructure research 

Image: CSIC’s spatial scales of activity

CSIC’s vision is to transform the infrastructure and construction industries through smarter information.

CSIC’s novel technologies, tools and models will help deliver this transformation. There are substantial UK and international markets for exploitation of these new technologies benefitting contractors, specialist instrumentation companies and owners of infrastructure.

Our strategy brings together world-class research from a breadth of specialists in the areas of civil engineering, asset management, computer vision and infrastructure planning at the University of Cambridge and innovation from a significant range of Industry Partners to identify engineering challenges and successfully respond to them. Working with industry allows CSIC to deploy emerging technologies on live sites and projects in order to accelerate progress of these technologies to readiness stage.

CSIC works strategically at four specific scales of activity: Sensors and Data Collection; Data Analysis and Interpretation; Assets and Cities and Infrastructure Systems. 

Our delivery

CSIC aims to translate research into innovation in practice. This involves five stages of technology readiness over an innovation’s life cycle:

• Cutting edge research and development; creating technologies, approaches and solutions

• Proof of concept: developing and validating solutions for trial

• Demonstration and case studies; building confidence, iterating solutions

• Scale-up and standardisation; developing robust solutions, data analysis tools (input to), best practice guidance, codes and specifications

• Enabling implementation and exploration; training for industry, developing supply chain networks, input to standards, dissemination to enable large scale uptake by industry


CSIC Delivery Model 

 Image: CSIC's delivery model