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CSIC 2019 publications

Makasis N., Narsilio G.A., Bidarmaghz A., Johnston I.W. The application of retaining walls and slabs as energy structures in underground train stations 2019 Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
Beemer R.D., Biscontin G., Aubeny C.P. Centrifuge 2D gravity on a vertical rotational reference frame 2019 International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics
Murali M., Grajales-Saavedra F.J., Beemer R.D., Aubeny C.P., Biscontin G. Capacity of Short Piles and Caissons in Soft Clay from Geotechnical Centrifuge Tests 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Zhu Z., German S., Brilakis I. Visual recognition and assessment of concrete crack properties 2019 EG-ICE 2010 - 17th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
Lu R., Brilakis I. Digital twinning of existing reinforced concrete bridges from labelled point clusters 2019 Automation in Construction
Szamocki N., Kim M.-K., Ahn C.R., Brilakis I. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission of Construction Equipment at Construction Sites: Field Study Approach 2019 Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Nematchoua M.K., Ricciardi P., Orosa J.A., Asadi S., Choudhary R. Influence of indoor environmental quality on the self-estimated performance of office workers in the tropical wet and hot climate of Cameroon 2019 Journal of Building Engineering
Nematchoua M.K., Yvon A., Kalameu O., Asadi S., Choudhary R., Reiter S. Impact of climate change on demands for heating and cooling energy in hospitals: An in-depth case study of six islands located in the Indian Ocean region 2019 Sustainable Cities and Society
Menberg K., Heo Y., Choudhary R. Influence of error terms in Bayesian calibration of energy system models 2019 Journal of Building Performance Simulation
Mouzourides P., Kyprianou A., Neophytou M.K.-A., Ching J., Choudhary R. Linking the urban-scale building energy demands with city breathability and urban form characteristics 2019 Sustainable Cities and Society
Bidarmaghz A., Choudhary R., Soga K., Kessler H., Terrington R.L., Thorpe S. Influence of geology and hydrogeology on heat rejection from residential basements in urban areas 2019 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Shrestha P.K., Pryn M.J., Jia J., Chen J.-S., Fructuoso H.N., Boev A., Zhang Q., Chu D. Accommodation-free head mounted display with comfortable 3D perception and an enlarged eye-box 2019 Research
Malomo D., DeJong M.J., Penna A. Influence of Bond Pattern on the in-plane Behavior of URM Piers 2019 International Journal of Architectural Heritage
Giardina G., Milillo P., DeJong M.J., Perissin D., Milillo G. Evaluation of InSAR monitoring data for post-tunnelling settlement damage assessment 2019 Structural Control and Health Monitoring
Michiels T., Adriaenssens S., Dejong M. Form finding of corrugated shell structures for seismic design and validation using non-linear pushover analysis 2019 Engineering Structures
Pelekis I., Madabhushi G.S.P., DeJong M.J. Soil behaviour beneath buildings with structural and foundation rocking 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Ritter S., DeJong M., Giardina G. Experimental evaluation of analytical methods to assess building response to tunnelling subsidence 2019 Geomechanik und Tunnelbau
Malomo D., DeJong M.J., Penna A. Distinct element modelling of the in-plane cyclic response of URM walls subjected to shear-compression 2019 Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
Gregory A., Lau F.D.-H., Girolami M., Butler L.J., Elshafie M.Z.E.B. The synthesis of data from instrumented structures and physics-based models via Gaussian processes 2019 Journal of Computational Physics
Gue C.Y., Elshafie M.Z.E.B. Development of a three-dimensional staged volume loss tunnelling method in the centrifuge 2019 International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics
Rodenas-Herraíz D., Xu X., Fidler P.R.A., Soga K. Power-efficient piezoelectric fatigue measurement using long-range wireless sensor networks 2019 Smart Materials and Structures
Franza A., Marshall A.M., Zhou B. Greenfield tunnelling in sands: The effects of soil density and relative depth 2019 Geotechnique
Franza A., Marshall A.M. Centrifuge and real-time hybrid testing of tunneling beneath piles and piled buildings 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Franza A., Marshall A.M. Empirical and semi-analytical methods for evaluating tunnelling-induced ground movements in sands 2019 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Idinyang S., Franza A., Heron C.M., Marshall A.M. Real-time data coupling for hybrid testing in a geotechnical centrifuge 2019 International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics
Fidas C., Belk M., Hadjidemetriou G., Pitsillides A. Influences of mixed reality and human cognition on picture passwords: An eye tracking study 2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
Hadjidemetriou G.M., Christodoulou S.E. Vision- and Entropy-Based Detection of Distressed Areas for Integrated Pavement Condition Assessment 2019 Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering
Wan L., Jin Y. Assessment of model validation outcomes of a new recursive spatial equilibrium model for the Greater Beijing 2019 Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
Ma M., Jin Y. Economic impacts of alternative greenspace configurations in fast growing cities: The case of Greater Beijing 2019 Urban Studies
Yang T., Jin Y., Yan L., Pei P. Aspirations and realities of polycentric development: Insights from multi-source data into the emerging urban form of Shanghai 2019 Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
Kechavarzi C., Pelecanos L., de Battista N., Soga K. Distributed fibre optic sensing for monitoring reinforced concrete piles 2019 Geotechnical Engineering
Di Murro V., Pelecanos L., Soga K., Kechavarzi C., Morton R.F., Scibile L. Long-term deformation monitoring of CERN concrete-lined tunnels using distributed fibre-optic sensing 2019 Geotechnical Engineering
Zhao X.L., Ning D.Z., Liang D.F. Experimental investigation on hydrodynamic performance of a breakwater-integrated WEC system 2019 Ocean Engineering
Zhang J.-X., Fan X., Wang J., Liang D. Detached-eddy simulation of turbulent coherent structures around groynes in a trapezoidal open channel 2019 Journal of Hydrodynamics
Zhang J., Fan X., Liang D., Liu H. Numerical investigation of nonlinear wave passing through finite circular array of slender cylinders 2019 Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics
Li Y., Wang X., Xuan G., Liang D. Effect of parameters of pool geometry on flow characteristics in low slope vertical slot fishways 2019 Journal of Hydraulic Research
Zhang J., Liang D., Fan X., Liu H. Detached eddy simulation of flow through a circular patch of free-surface-piercing cylinders 2019 Advances in Water Resources
Zhao J., Özgen-Xian I., Liang D., Wang T., Hinkelmann R. An improved multislope MUSCL scheme for solving shallow water equations on unstructured grids 2019 Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Zhao X., Bolognin M., Liang D., Rohe A., Vardon P.J. Development of in/outflow boundary conditions for MPM simulation of uniform and non-uniform open channel flows 2019 Computers and Fluids
Zhao J., Özgen-Xian I., Liang D., Wang T., Hinkelmann R. A depth-averaged non-cohesive sediment transport model with improved discretization of flux and source terms 2019 Journal of Hydrology
Shi S.-J., Liang D.-F., Huang J., Zhang J.-X. Three-dimensional modeling of scour around underwater pipes [水下管道附近泥沙冲刷的三维数值模拟] 2019 Shuidonglixue Yanjiu yu Jinzhan/Chinese Journal of Hydrodynamics Ser. A
Wu X.-F., Liang D. Study of pollutant transport in depth-averaged flows using random walk method 2019 Journal of Hydrodynamics
Zhang J., Wang J., Fan X., Liang D. Numerical investigation of water wave near-trapping by rigid emergent vegetation 2019 Journal of Hydro-Environment Research
Wu X., Liang D., Zhang G. Estimating the accuracy of the random walk simulation of mass transport processes 2019 Water Research
Lin Z., Liang D., Zhao M. Effects of Reynolds Number on Flow-Mediated Interaction between Two Cylinders 2019 Journal of Engineering Mechanics
Chen L., Lu Q., Zhao X. A semi-automatic image-based object recognition system for constructing as-is IFC BIM objects based on fuzzy-MAUT 2019 International Journal of Construction Management
Selvakumaran S., Webb G., Bennetts J., Rossi C., Barton E., Middleton C. Understanding Insar Measurement Through Comparison with Traditional Structural Monitoring - Waterloo Bridge, London 2019 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)
Fosas D., Moran F., Natarajan S., Orr J., Coley D. The importance of thermal modelling and prototyping in shelter design 2019 Building Research and Information
Orr J., Drewniok M.P., Walker I., Ibell T., Copping A., Emmitt S. Minimising energy in construction: Practitioners’ views on material efficiency 2019 Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Orr J., Pronk A., Ibell T. Editorial Special Issue: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials for Innovative Structural Design 2019 Structures
Hawkins W., Orr J., Shepherd P., Ibell T. Design, Construction and Testing of a Low Carbon Thin-Shell Concrete Flooring System 2019 Structures
Tayfur Y., Darby A., Ibell T., Orr J., Evernden M. Serviceability of non-prismatic concrete beams: Combined-interaction method 2019 Engineering Structures
Petchrompo S., Parlikad A.K. A review of asset management literature on multi-asset systems 2019 Reliability Engineering and System Safety
Adams J., Parlikad A., Amadi-Echendu J. A bibliographic review of trends in the application of ‘criticality’ towards the management of engineered assets 2019 Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Ranasinghe G.D., Lindgren T., Girolami M., Parlikad A.K. A Methodology for Prognostics under the Conditions of Limited Failure Data Availability 2019 IEEE Access
Erguido A., Marquez A.C., Castellano E., Parlikad A.K., Izquierdo J. Asset Management Framework and Tools for Facing Challenges in the Adoption of Product-Service Systems 2019 IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Heaton J., Parlikad A.K., Schooling J. Design and development of BIM models to support operations and maintenance 2019 Computers in Industry
Salvador Palau A., Dhada M.H., Bakliwal K., Parlikad A.K. An Industrial Multi Agent System for real-time distributed collaborative prognostics 2019 Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Salvador Palau A., Dhada M.H., Parlikad A.K. Multi-agent system architectures for collaborative prognostics 2019 Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Rui Y., Yin M. Centrifuge Study on the Submarine Mudflows 2019 Marine Geodesy
Yin M., Rui Y., Xue Y. Centrifuge study on the runout distance of submarine debris flows 2019 Marine Georesources and Geotechnology
Rui Y., Yin M. An Analytical Solution for the Run-Out of Submarine Debris Flows 2019 Marine Geodesy
Rui Y., Hird R., Yin M., Soga K. Detecting changes in sediment overburden using distributed temperature sensing: an experimental and numerical study 2019 Marine Geophysical Research
Yin M., Rui Y. Investigation of long-term behaviour of thermal wall by finite element analysis 2019 Soils and Foundations
Pandit M., Zhao C., Sobreviela G., Mustafazade A., Du S., Zou X., Seshia A.A. Closed-Loop Characterization of Noise and Stability in a Mode-Localized Resonant MEMS Sensor 2019 IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
Erbes A., Wang W., Weinstein D., Seshia A.A. Acoustic mode confinement using coupled cavity structures in UHF unreleased MEMS resonators 2019 Microsystem Technologies
Pandit M., Zhao C., Sobreviela G., Du S., Zou X., Seshia A. Utilizing energy localization in weakly coupled nonlinear resonators for sensing applications 2019 Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
Du S., Jia Y., Zhao C., Amaratunga G.A.J., Seshia A.A. A Fully Integrated Split-Electrode SSHC Rectifier for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 2019 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
Zhao C., Pandit M., Sobreviela G., Steinmann P., Mustafazade A., Zou X., Seshia A. A resonant MEMS accelerometer with 56ng bias stability and 98ng/Hz1/2 noise floor 2019 Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
Pandit M., Zhao C., Sobreviela G., Zou X., Seshia A. A High Resolution Differential Mode-Localized MEMS Accelerometer 2019 Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
Zhao C., Zhou X., Pandit M., Sobreviela G., Du S., Zou X., Seshia A. Toward High-Resolution Inertial Sensors Employing Parametric Modulation in Coupled Micromechanical Resonators 2019 Physical Review Applied
Ganesan A., Seshia A. Resonance tracking in a micromechanical device using phononic frequency combs 2019 Scientific Reports
Zhou X., Zhao C., Xiao D., Sun J., Sobreviela G., Gerrard D.D., Chen Y., Flader I., Kenny T.W., Wu X., Seshia A.A. Dynamic modulation of modal coupling in microelectromechanical gyroscopic ring resonators 2019 Nature Communications
Moqsud M.A., Soga K. Bioremediation of High Saline Soil through the Common Collective Microorganisms 2019 Geotechnical Special Publication
Yerro A., Soga K., Bray J. Runout evaluation of oso landslide with the material point method 2019 Canadian Geotechnical Journal
Islam N., Hawlader B., Wang C., Soga K. Large-deformation finite-element modelling of earthquake-induced landslides considering strain-softening behaviour of sensitive clay 2019 Canadian Geotechnical Journal
Xu X., Jin F., Sun Q., Soga K., Zhou G.G.D. Three-dimensional material point method modeling of runout behavior of the Hongshiyan landslide 2019 Canadian Geotechnical Journal
Gong C., Ding W., Soga K., Mosalam K.M. Failure mechanism of joint waterproofing in precast segmental tunnel linings 2019 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
Giovine P., Mariano P.M., Mortara G., Soga K. Progress in mechanics of soils and general granular flows: preface 2019 Meccanica
Jiang N.-J., Soga K. Erosional behavior of gravel-sand mixtures stabilized by microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) 2019 Soils and Foundations
Luo L., Sekiya H., Soga K. Dynamic Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing on Movement Detection 2019 IEEE Sensors Journal
Wang Y., Soga K., Dejong J.T., Kabla A.J. Microscale Visualization of Microbial-Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Processes 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Zhang D.M., Zhang D.M., Soga K., Huang H.W., Wang F. Rehabilitation of Overdeformed Metro Tunnel in Shanghai by Multiple Repair Measures 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Lin T.-H., Wu Y., Soga K., Wham B.P., Pariya-Ekkasut C., Berger B., O'Rourke T.D. Buried Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Pipeline Joint Leakage Caused by Large Ground Movements 2019 Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
Wang C., Hawlader B., Islam N., Soga K. Implementation of a large deformation finite element modelling technique for seismic slope stability analyses 2019 Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Wang Y., Soga K., Dejong J.T., Kabla A.J. A microfluidic chip and its use in characterising the particle-scale behaviour of microbial-induced calcium carbonate precipitation (MICP) 2019 Geotechnique
Luo J., Zhang Q., Zhao H., Gui S., Xiang W., Rohn J., Soga K. Thermal and Thermomechanical Performance of Energy Piles with Double U-Loop and Spiral Loop Heat Exchangers 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Sasaki T., Park J., Soga K., Momoki T., Kawaguchi K., Muramatsu H., Imasato Y., Balagopal A., Fontenot J., Hall T. Distributed fibre optic strain sensing of an axially deformed well model in the laboratory 2019 Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
Sanitate G., Talbot J.P. On the plate-like and layer-like response of slab foundations to ground-borne vibration 2019 Computers and Geotechnics
Angelides S.C., Talbot J.P., Overend M. The effects of high strain-rate and in-plane restraint on quasi-statically loaded laminated glass: a theoretical study with applications to blast enhancement 2019 Glass Structures and Engineering
Tang J., Heinimann H., Khoja L. Quantitative evaluation of consecutive resilience cycles in stock market performance: A systems-oriented approach 2019 Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Zhang B., Tang J., Wang Y., Zhang H., Wu D., Xu G., Lin Y., Wu X. Designing wildlife crossing structures for ungulates in a desert landscape: A case study in China 2019 Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment
Guida G., Viggiani G.M.B., Casini F. Multi-scale morphological descriptors from the fractal analysis of particle contour 2019 Acta Geotechnica
Losacco N., Viggiani G.M.B. Class A prediction of mechanised tunnelling in Rome 2019 Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology
An Y., Wan L. Monitoring spatial changes in manufacturing firms in Seoul Metropolitan Area using firm life cycle and locational factors 2019 Sustainability (Switzerland)