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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information


Image: CSIC team members deploying fibre optics to monitor sprayed concrete tunnel lining. 

CSIC is making substantial impact on industry by delivering a wide range of new technologies designed to overcome specific engineering challenges and provide valuable information, cost savings and a sustainable and whole-life approach to design, delivery and maintenance to asset owners. 

CSIC technologies, including fibre optic strain measurement, UtterBerry ultra low-power wireless sensor motes, CSattAR photogrammetric monitoring and vibration energy harvesting devices, have been applied to a considerable variety of structures.

Our highly effective deployment teams, which includes secondees from industry, tests, develops and improves the latest sensor technologies on live construction sites and existing infrastructure including Crossrail, National Grid, the Royal Mail Tunnel and CERN tunnels, masonry arches at London Bridge and railway bridges in Staffordshire.

Working with industry on live projects allows CSIC to deploy emerging technologies in order to accelerate the route to technology readiness stage. Our technologies are currently deployed at over 30 sites. 

To read more about our Phase 1 project work please click on the links below:

Future proofing and safeguarding heritage structures through sensing

Fibre optic sensing innovations on Crossrail

Monitoring storm water inflow in foul sewer using distributed fibre optic temperature sensing

CSIC and Cementation Skanska - when project collaboration becomes commercial reality

Integration of sensing technologies in the London Bridge Station redevelopment project

Monitoring and modelling of dynamic strain of railway bridges using fibre optic sensor networks and BIM

Adaptive zoning: quantifying costs and benefits of major transport investments

BSI shaping the future by setting standards for smart cities

Transforming a historic urban quarter: King’s Cross-St Pancras station area, London, working with Industry partners British Standards Institution (BSi), Argent, Allies & Morrison, Chapman Taylor

Development of decision support tools to further assist asset managers to make smarter and proactive decisions

Value based infrastructure asset management

Demonstrating the value-based decision-making tool with Cambridgeshire County Council

London Underground: Transforming Asset Management: developing maintenance planning tools for metro tunnels based on systematic evaluation of value to the end user

Testing the water: infrastructure futureproofing for Liverpool Wastewater Treatment Works

Smart tunnel

Fibre Optic strain sensors asses pile foundations for reuse at Bevis Marks

Computer Vision technology remote monitoring in National Grid tunnel

Fibre optic measurements in segmental tunnel linings for National Grid and Crossrail

CSIC and Cementation Skanska develop CemOptics

Remote monitoring at CERN 

First time detail monitoring & data collection at the Staffordshire Alliance

UtterBerry deployment

Fibre optics pile testing

Fibre optic strain sensors for structural health monitoring

CSattAR Photogrammetric Monitoring in tunnels

Geo-spatial mapping of road surfaces

Planning and design: reshaping rail station areas in China

Saving energy: ground source heat pump (GSHP) applications at city scale 

Surrey County Council Protection Barriers Replacement Strategy (for more information contact )

Information risk assessment of bridges at Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire County Councils (for more information contact )

Bridge Asset Management Information Surveys - infrastructure information requirements and BIM readiness analysis (for more information contact

Information Futureproofing (for more information contact )

Cambridge University EMBS Information futureproofing assessment (for more information contact )