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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information
CSIC staff networking at an Industry Partner event

Since its launch six years ago, CSIC, in collaboration with its 41 Phase 1 Partners, has made significant progress in its mission to transform the future of infrastructure and construction through smarter information. With Phase 2 funding secured through 2021, CSIC is inviting new organisations working within the infrastructure, construction, asset management, and related data and information management and software industries to apply for Phase 2 Partnership. Four types of partnership are offered to best suit different types of organisations from the large and complex to start-ups and spin-outs. The current list of Phase 2 partners is available here

Why join CSIC? Because partnership agreements enable collaboration, knowledge transfer and open engagement to help organisations like yours stay ahead of the game. By collaborating with partners, CSIC is able to accelerate the process of implementation of research outputs, delivering value to stakeholders by improving margins, reducing costs, enhancing returns and extending the productive life of assets.

Benefits vary with the type of partnership selected: Full Partner, SME Partner, Micro Partner, or Associate Partner.  Partners at all levels will have the opportunity to engage with CSIC’s annual strategy meeting to help shape the work of the Centre in the coming year and set the research agenda.  All Partners will have access to selected CSIC events including workshops, and symposia.  CSIC will promote collaborative work with Partners through news stories and case studies, and Partners will be able to use the CSIC logo for marketing purposes. 

Other partnership level based benefits include the opportunity to second staff to CSIC to work closely with our R&D teams and to sponsor studentships at Masters and PhD level at CSIC and the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department. Additional level based benefits include support in the development of IP and the commercialisation of novel tools and technologies, access to CSIC training courses, and for Full Partners, the support of a named CSIC Relationship Manager.

Organisations can apply to become Partners by completing an Expression of Interest form and supplying a supporting statement. More information is available here or contact Dee Dee Frawley, Programme Manager or Tianlei Wu, Finance Manager.