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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information


Discussion papers

Flourishing systems: Re-envisioning infrastructure as a platform for human flourishing This paper crystallises out some critical thinking by a number of key experts and influencers across the infrastructure sector. It provokes new thinking and ways of seeing how existing and new infrastructure can be used to support a better, fairer and more sustainable society and world, especially when the potential of exploiting digital methods is included. 

Smart infrastructure, getting more from strategic assets by Jennifer Schooling, CSIC, Ajith Parlikad, CSIC, Mark Enzer, Mott MacDonald, Keith Bowers, London Underground; Ross Dentten, Crossrail; Matt Edwards, Anglian Water Services; Jerry England, Network Rail, and Volker Buscher, DirecArup Digital.

Smart Sustainability, exploiting data to mitigate climate change Discussion Paper based on a Roundtable at the Global Engineering Congress Institution of Civil Engineers
Promoting Adoption of Smart Infrastructure solutions in the Transport Sector This paper seeks to identify the key challenge areas, and those that would most benefit from government leadership in providing a framework of action to take our transport infrastructure through the 21st century.


International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC) 2019: Driving data-informed decision-making
by MJ DeJong, JM Schooling and GMB Viggiani

The papers included in these proceedings cover a wide range of topics relevant to smart infrastructure and construction including material on cities, structures, geotechnical capabilities and digital solutions.

Transforming the Future of Infrastructure through Smarter Information: Proceedings of the International Conference on
Smart Infrastructure and Construction, 27–29 June 2016

by Robert Mair, Kenichi Soga, Ying Jin, Ajith Parlikad and Jennifer Schooling

The papers published in the Proceedings reflect the themes of the conference, which include:

  • sensors and data analysis
  • asset management
  • cities and urban infrastructure.

ICE Journal

Smart Infrastructure and Construction
Editors: Jennifer Schooling, CSIC, and Kenichi Soga, University of California, Berkeley and CSIC

This journal facilitates the development of a professional community of academics and practitioners to apply and adopt the technologies, concepts and solutions to deliver smarter infrastructure construction and management.


ICE Guidance Document

Intelligent Assets for Tomorrow’s Infrastructure: Guiding Principles
by Duncan McFarlane, CSIC, Ajith Parlikad CSIC, David Pocock, CH2M; Simon Parsons, RealFoundations; Jennifer Schooling, CSIC and Charles Jensen, ICE

This introduction to smart infrastructure brings together a number of recent ICE publications covering this subject and shows how civil engineers can enable its underlying assets.



Best Practice Guides

Whole-Life Value-Based Decision Making in Asset Management
by Rengarajan Srinivasan and Ajith Parlikad 

A comprehensive guide to improving the effectiveness of infrastructure asset management by determining the level of expenditureon infrastructure assets in order to maximise life-cycle value

Wireless Sensor Networks for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring: A Best Practice Guide
by David Rodenas-Herráiz, Kenichi Soga, Paul Fidler and Nicholas de Battista

Expert guidance on the selection and use of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology for the structural monitoring of both existing infrastructure and new construction projects

Distributed Fibre Optic Strain Sensing for Monitoring Civil Infrastructure: A Practical Guide
by Cedric Kechavarzi, Kenichi Soga, Nicholas de Battista, Loizos Pelecanos, Mohammed Elshafie and Robert J Mair

Infrastructure monitoring for structural assessment and performance-based design is increasingly being recognised as an essential tool for improving construction processes, delivering efficiency and reducing over-specification

Bridge Monitoring: A Practical Guide
by Campbell R Middleton, Paul Fidler and Paul J Vardanega

Practical guidance on the monitoring of bridges, with a particular focus on the use of sensor technologies and bridge monitoring systems. As vital infrastructure assets, it is important that bridges are monitored effectively to ensure that they continue to be safe, operational and appropriately maintained