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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

CSIC’s risk-informed bridge management approach provides a rational means to enable asset managers to evaluate the factors that affect bridge failure risk, select and prioritise appropriate mitigation measures, and improve the allocation of scarce monitoring and maintenance resources. This CSIC research project is developing a risk-informed, data-driven and value-based approach to better monitor and manage our ageing bridge infrastructure network in the context of constrained budgets and the challenges of climate change.

The project brings focus to the development of a series of tools that enable bridge owners and managers to better understand the risks associated with bridge monitoring, enabling informed decisions about balancing cost of monitoring and value of information gained from data capture against the risk of bridge failure and associated socio-economic and environmental effects to the wider system. 


View a video of Dr Manu Sasidharan’s introduction to risk-informed monitoring and management of critical infrastructure 


Risk-informed bridge management framework

Network Rail climate change collaboration

Value of monitoring