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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

CSIC's spin-out Epsimon provides fibre optic instrumentation and monitoring services for a wide range of civil infrastructure applications


CSIC would like to acknowledge the businesses that have spun out from our research including:




Epsimon provides consultancy and engineering services related to specialist instrumentation and monitoring applications for infrastructure, with particular expertise in fibre optic sensing technologies. They deliver complete monitoring systems that address clients’ most demanding asset monitoring requirements, leveraging years of experience in designing and operating fibre optic sensing systems. Visit



BKwai uses advanced machine learning tools to predict structural issues and defects in major construction projects and existing assets. By analysing vast amounts of data, they identify trends and accurately predict disruptive events. Trusted by Tier 1 construction and critical infrastructure asset managers, Bkwai helps manage risk and avoid costs and disruption in major projects like highway bridges and rails assets’. Visit



8power is a Vibration Sensing and Energy Harvesting company with innovative technology for sensing and measurement through vibration profiles for industrial IoT applications, particularly waste water treatment process monitoring and machine conditioning monitoring across a wide range of end use cases. Visit



UtterBerry™ is a provider of Artificially Intelligent wireless smart sensor systems for infrastructure monitoring and the development of Smart Cities. Its patented technology has been used in a variety of major national infrastructure projects including London’s Crossrail and Thames Tideway. Visit