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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

You can view all of our videos on the CSIC YouTube channel or read more about specific presentations below. 


CSIC 2022: Data, performance, decision-making

CSIC’s short film 'Data, performance, decision-making' introduces the collaborative work of the Centre that values data to support better decisions to deliver a safe, more sustainable, economically equitable and resilient infrastructure system – that enables people and the planet to flourish. The film features a number of CSIC projects introduced by CSIC Research Associates and Investigators which demonstrate the real-world impact of the Centre’s work. Watch 'Data. performance, decision-making' on the CSIC YouTube channel.

International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC) 2019 

Watch the presentations from our keynote speakers, Dr Keith Bowers of COWI, Dr Jerome Lynch of the University of Michigan and Professor Yozo Fujino of the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama National University, as well as our best paper presentations, on the ICSIC YouTube channel. Also available are playlists of presentations from across the three-day conference grouped by subject; asset management, structures, infrastructure and policy, digital, geotechnical, construction, sensors and cities. 


CSIC Distinguish Lecture 2023 by Professor Lord Robert Mair - Cambridge, 28 September 2023


Recent CSIC Research Talks

The Shear Wave-Velocity of Soil Liquefied During Earthquakes – Professor Robert Kayen

Monitoring and forecasting of engineering structures: a physics-enhancing machine learning perspective – Dr Alice Cicirello

SMARTEEE: A Framework for Developing Holistic Socio-Technical Conceptualisations of Smart Urbanism – Dr William Brown

Long-term performance monitoring of a Railway Bridge using Digital Twin Technology – Dr Farhad Huseynov

Carbon Management in the Highway Sector: Toward Data Trustworthiness – Dr Jinying Xu

Industry partner party presentations 

At our summer industry partner parties, CSIC research associates and students present their latest research in quick four-minute presentations and answer questions from the audience of infrastructure and construction colleagues. 

Watch the presentations from 2022

Watch the presentations from 2020, including the journey of data from sensors to digital twins, risk-informed monitoring and management of critical infrastructure and data-driven cyber-physical systems for integrated smart infrastructure. 

Watch the presentations from 2019, including measuring the vibration of trams, new insights into smart sensing heritage assets and using a different method of learning to aid urban energy efficiency. 

Watch the presentations from 2018, including monitoring tall buildings during construction using fibre optics, the Digital Cities for Change project and using the Wireless Internet of Things to predict fatigue in infrastructure. 

Watch the presentations from 2017, including a design tool to predict 3D structure deformations due to tunnelling, data-centric engineering and asset management for bridge systems. 

Watch the presentations from 2016, including understanding structures, looking at how data is used and dynamic measurement of sheet pile pressing. 


Dr Jennifer Schooling's keynote speech at University College, London

Former CSIC Director (2010- 2024) Dr Jennifer Schooling delivered a keynote speech as part of the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management's Constructs Lecture series in 2019. Jennifer spoke about the work of CSIC and a number of case studies which demonstrated how we are working with industry partners to provide insights into asset behaviour and condition.



Professor Lord Robert Mair's message from the Global Engineering Congress 

Founder of CSIC Professor Lord Robert Mair delivers a message during the Institute of Civil Engineer's Global Engineering Congress in 2018, as part of his presidential year of the institute. 



Making of a Smart Tunnel

CSIC's ground-breaking sensing technologies were used in the world's first 'smart tunnel', providing engineers with an inexpensive and efficient method of monitoring, maintaining and protecting the UK's infrastructure.