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Title: 'Project VIMTO and its progress towards the derivation of rail roughness spectra from axle-box accelerometers' – Dr James Talbot and Mr Tobias Carrigan Donfrancesco

Abstract: Disturbance to building occupants caused by ground-borne noise and vibration from railways presents a significant barrier to the expansion of rail networks in our cities.  Such disturbance is also often an indicator of deteriorating track infrastructure.  Monitoring and understanding ground-borne noise and vibration is therefore a key priority for railway operators.  Project VIMTO is concerned with developing a new system for the vibration and impact monitoring of train operations, whereby the vehicles themselves are used as the primary monitoring instrument.  Low-cost vehicle-mounted instrumentation is being used to record axle-box vibration signatures, along with positioning data, to ‘map’ a network in terms of its propensity to generate vibration.  Such mapping aims to offer near real-time continuous monitoring, enabling the formulation of more efficient, optimised maintenance strategies.  This talk will provide an overview of the project, from its roots as an undergraduate project during the first phase of CSIC, through the development of a trial system and results from Midland Metro, to current research developing improved signal processing methods in collaboration with London Underground.

Event Code: CSIC 0107
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We hope you will join us to celebrate 10 years of CSIC at this special online event organised to mark the occasion. 

Thursday, 1 July, 2021 - 13:00 to 14:00
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