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Article by Dr Anne Kemp based on CSIC Distinguished Lecture features in Infrastructure Intelligence

last modified Jun 25, 2019 03:37 PM
An article written by Dr Anne Kemp OBE, based upon her CSIC Distinguished Lecture, has been published in Infrastructure Intelligence.



The thought-provoking article titled ‘Engaging our conscience to explore the future’ draws attention to the potential of smarter infrastructure to support a healthier and more prosperous society but raises questions about the ethics required to safeguard data use and how to ensure that, as humans, we remain an essential part of the decision-making process.

In the article Dr Kemp, Chair of the UK BIM Alliance and Fellow and Technical Director for Digital Engineering and BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins, raises the importance of taking a multi-disciplinary and diverse approach to thinking about smart infrastructure and planning a future shaped by information derived from data. Dr Kemp writes: “Our current abundance of data offers a timely opportunity to digitally transform construction and infrastructure from a lagging sector to a world leading data-enabled dynamic industry. Such ambition is compelling, but should there be pause for thought and a call to our collective conscience as we conceive a digital future shaped by data-derived decisions?”

Read the full article in Infrastructure Intelligence.

Watch a video of Dr Kemp’s Distinguished Lecture on CSIC's YouTube channel here.

Download the lecture slides here.


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