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CSIC Head backs tunnelling as antidote to Cambridge congestion

Solutions to Cambridge’s traffic problems are on the agenda following a call for the City Deal assembly to consider more radical solutions.

CSIC Head, Professor Mair led a research project into the feasibility of a transport tunnel system under Cambridge in 2008, demonstrating the viability of constructing tunnels underneath the city centre to carry buses and help relieve gridlock.

As reported in the Cambridge News yesterday, plans for bus tunnels under Oxford city centre are advancing and a visionary infrastructure project to relieve gridlock in Cambridge without destroying the natural landscape is essential to the city’s continued growth and success.

Professor Mair says: “Proven tunnelling technology combined with favourable geology has demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of a system of tunnels beneath Cambridge. There would be minimal damage to overlying buildings. This opens opportunities for a major new transport infrastructure system with considerable environmental benefit to the historic city of Cambridge.”