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Applied Urban Modelling (AUM) 2015 explores green cities

Green cities is the theme of the Symposium on Applied Urban Modelling (AUM) 2015, which will take place from 24-26 June, at the Little Hall, Sidgwick Site, at the University of Cambridge.

This year’s theme reflects the growing importance of urban ecosystem services and green space across the world’s city regions, attracting many disciplines involved in policy research and urban modelling of city regions

CSIC’s Steve Denman, part of  AUM’s Organising Committee says: “The symposium will cover many intra-disciplinary areas of research around the broad theme of green space and environmental sustainability.  For example: the impact of extreme rainfall events on transportation systems; ecosystem services and the economics of green space; urban form and its impact on energy efficiency; how urban form and architectural design impact thermal comfort levels; pedestrian modelling and city planning and the use of big data across many themes. . These topics will instigate discussion with the intention of finding feasible pathways to transform cities into liveable habitats for all.”

The AUM series has direct policy relevance and attracts a wide audience of academics, professionals, decision-makers and policy analysts Papers showcase the leading edge of policy research and modelling practice and speakers will include world-leading model theorists, developers, users and practitioners from across the world including Korea, China, North America and German, looking at cities at all stages of development.

CSIC’s work in sensor development and data analysis as well as the broader scale of CSIC’s infrastructure and city research is of direct relevance to discussion topics. There will also be synergies with the smart cities work currently taking place at CSIC with a number of CSIC researchers presenting papers on some of the Centre’s latest research.

Hosted by the Martin Centre for Architectural Studies, the research arm of the Department of Architecture, and co-sponsored by CSIC, AUM2015 is the fifth in a series of annual symposia for discussing applied urban simulation models offering insights into complex dynamics of urban change and informing practical initiatives. 

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