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CSIC launches The Cambridge Conference on Fibre Optic Sensing in Civil Infrastructure

CSIC will launch the inaugural Cambridge Conference on Fibre Optic Sensing in Civil Infrastructure at Robinson College on Monday 30 June and Tuesday 1 July.

Optical Fibre Sensing in civil infrastructure has grown considerably over the years; a number of international groups are active in field applications and this Conference aims to focus on Fibre Optic Sensing in civil infrastructure. The two-day event will be opened by CSIC Head, Professor Robert Mair, and CSIC Director Dr Jennifer Schooling.

Dr Mohammed Elshafie, CSIC Co-investigator and Chairman of the Conference said: “Distributed fibre optic sensing in civil engineering assets, whether newly built or existing, is a game changer; it provides designers, contractors and clients with the unique opportunity of understanding the performance of these assets as a whole in great detail. This opens up all sorts of opportunities including better designs, realising financial savings and better maintenance.

"The University of Cambridge has been at the forefront of applying distributed fibre optic sensing in a large number of applications including piles, diaphragm walls, tunnels, slopes, bridges, etc. over the last eight years. As a result, we have accumulated extensive expertise in the deployment of these FO sensors and the interpretation of the data they generate which provides our industrial partners with design, cost and maintenance benefits.

“The objective of this conference is to facilitate a two-day event where the leading experts, from all corners of the world including the US, Europe, China and Japan, will assemble as a group in Cambridge for the first time and will be showcasing their latest work and developments. The conference will not only be a highly intellectual and a vibrant event, it will also showcase the latest developments associated with field deployments and how fibre optic sensing could deliver value for designers, contractors and clients to realise the transformative benefits of incorporating FO sensing in civil infrastructure.”

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