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CSIC research associate featured in Electro Optics

last modified Apr 19, 2017 03:45 PM
Dr Nicky de Battista, a research associate at CSIC, is featured in the journal Electro Optics in a feature about photonics technology and smart cities.



In the article Bright Buildings, the relationship between smart infrastructure and smart cities is explained by Nicky: “Smart infrastructure is an enabler for smart cities. Smart cities are a collection of smart infrastructures that are not only smart on their own way but also feed into a system that aggregates the individual pieces into a full puzzle that works together.”

The aim of CSIC to transform approaches to the design, construction and use of complex infrastructure in order to lead to better design efficiency and performance and a low carbon, sustainable society is highlighted. Nicky explains the benefits of working with distributed fibre optic and fibre Bragg sensors and the technologies that CSIC has installed at more than 80 sites to date.

CSIC’s collaborative model that works with industry partners on trial and demonstration projects where sensing and data processing techniques can be verified in the real world is also discussed: “This research industry collaboration has proven to be a fast-track method for enabling technological advances, including smart infrastructure.”