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Didem Gurdur drone review

CSIC Research Associate, Didem Gurdur Broo, has written an article published by The Conversation highlighting how, in a changing world, it is the larger tech companies making the most of opportunities that Big Data and AI can provide.

Outlining the challenges to other sectors, including a lack of high-quality data, an established strategy and expertise, she describes data as “the foundation of artificial intelligence.”

Didem writes: “Having high-quality and trustworthy data is key to helping companies to better understand their markets and customers and enable automated decision making. At an infrastructure level, data can guide planners and developers and help optimise the use and maintenance of buildings, roads and railways. This could also help reduce carbon emissions by making our infrastructure last longer and work more efficiently, helping to reduce wasted energy and unnecessary traffic.”

Research suggests that if traditional companies and other organisations want to benefit from AI and to compete, profit and build a sustainable world, they must start embracing data. AI solutions can only be as good as the quality of data they are built on. 

The article concludes by suggesting that it is only with the hiring of the right expertise and putting in place the required policies to gather the correct data – making it accessible, assessing the quality and then putting it to use to develop AI solutions – that these organisations will be in a position to truly take advantage of the next industrial revolution.


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