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CSIC is delighted to announce the launch of the two-day Executive Education Course in Leadership of Urban Digital Innovation for Public Value (LeadUP).


The Course is designed for senior executives and professionals in leadership roles working in public and private organisations involved in the delivery of digital innovation projects with a focus on the urban built environment.

It will equip participants with new competency perspectives to deliver digital innovation projects through responsible innovation in connected places and cities, aiming to provide new thinking and case-based learning on multidisciplinary leadership competencies for responsible digital innovation and public-value creation.

Its content is underpinned by the five-year-long Digital Cities for Change (DC2) research programme with particular emphasis on its novel competency framework for fostering leadership, competency-building and responsible digital innovation in connected places and cities.

The course will be delivered in person and participants will have the opportunity to learn from specialists, researchers and lecturers and to experience peer interaction by taking part in group exercises and discussions both in class and during breaks over lunch or other downtimes.

The deadline for enrolment is the 28 of July 2023. As places are limited, applications will be treated on a first-come first-served basis. 

Find out more about the course and how to apply here.

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