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Dr Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong, CSIC Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, has recently published a new blog at BIM Today entitled ‘Why organisational strategy is crucial in delivering net zero buildings’, which looks at the organisational strategies used to deliver net zero buildings through innovative manufacturing techniques and digital technology.


The recent Government Industrial Strategy (IS), the 'Construction Sector Deal', outlines ambitious targets for the construction sector to deliver better performing buildings that are built faster, cost effective and energy efficient. Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong claims that “the realisation of the targets outlined in the IS needs an active buy-in from construction firms” (…) and that “although a widescale implementation of all or part of these strategies is desired by the government, uptake among construction firms (e.g. contractors, designers, specialist consultants and suppliers) is generally low for a wide range of economic or commercial, organisational, individual, regulatory and contextual reasons”.

As signs of promising but slow development in the construction sector are taking shape, the blog showcases the organisational strategy implemented by a design and build contractor (DBC) in delivering buildings with net zero carbon emissions for educational and residential purposes in the UK. Key findings highlight the significance of a business strategy that prioritises the use of manufacturing techniques and digital technologies that facilitate project execution as well as the development of necessary human-centric management-oriented capabilities. Oti-Sarpong argues that digital technologies play a crucial role in a successful transition towards delivering net zero building while allowing construction businesses to enter new markets and maintain their competitiveness.

Read the full article published at BIM Today here (page22).

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