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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

Written by CSIC Senior Research Associate Dr Kwadwo Oti-Sarpong, member of the CSIC Digital Cities for Change team, the blog advocates that embracing a dynamic outlook on digitalization is crucial for the advancement of 'Smart Cities’.

The blog emphasizes the need for a nuanced perspective as global digitalization initiatives expand. It advocates for a departure from narrow technocentric views, urging researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to adopt a more sociological approach in understanding large-scale digital innovations. The shift towards a non-rigid perspective on digitalization for 'smart cities' is seen as a promising avenue for gaining enhanced insights into the complex interconnections involved. The proposed change in viewpoint is deemed essential for informing effective policies, refining practices, and advancing research efforts, especially in addressing societal challenges. The goal is to provide citizens with comprehensive benefits—social, economic, and environmental—through increased digitalization and the establishment of connected places and 'smart cities'. This holistic understanding is considered crucial for navigating the challenges and opportunities inherent in the evolving landscape of digitalization.

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Latest news

CSIC call for applicants for Early-Career Academics and Professionals Panel

13 June 2024

Nominations are now being accepted for new prospective members to the third cohort of the CSIC ‘Early-Career Academics and Professionals Panel’ (ECAPP). We anticipate activities for this third ECAPP Cohort will focus on the following themes: understanding systems-thinking in the built environment; making the case for the...

CSIC Director Dr Brian Sheil and co-authors Win 2024 BGA Case Histories Award

4 June 2024

CSIC director Dr Brian Sheil, Peter Hensman and Zhandos Orazalin, have been honored with the prestigious 2024 BGA Case Histories Award . Their award-winning paper, titled " Monitoring the construction of a deep energy-from-waste bunker in soft clay and peat ," was published in Géotechnique in 2023. The paper explores the...

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