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CSIC researchers, Dr Manu Sasidharan, Dr Ajith Parlikad, Dr Jennifer Schooling, and Dr Georgios Hadjidemetriou, and colleagues from Network Rail, Matthew Hamer, Andy Kirwan, Steve Roffe have recently published the paper, ‘A bridge scour risk management approach to deal with uncertain climate future’

This paper puts forward a systematic approach to predict local scour progression of riverine railway bridges under different climate scenarios. By using and linking existing models, a scour risk rating model is presented that can provide a useful addition to existing bridge condition indexes. Based on a real-world case study on railway bridges across River Great Stour in Kent, it demonstrates how the proposed methodology can be used to estimate scour risk progression under various future climate scenarios. The results of the study show that this approach could be used to develop inspection regimes, prioritise preventive maintenance of vulnerable bridges and identify cost-effective strategies to monitor and reduce risk.

Read the full paper here
Visit the project’s page here
Watch a short presentation on this topic by Dr Sasidharan here

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