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Manchester tram

Dr Manu Sasidharan, Research Associate in Infrastructure Asset Management at CSIC has written an article in Trust & Technology Initiative on rebooting our travel behaviour and transport infrastructure following the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite initiatives to improve the efficiency of transportation asset management practices, the budgetary constraints result in significant (unsustainable) increases in transport costs. 

Given the limited understanding of the epidemiology of Covid-19 and the lack of a vaccine, the transport sector can contribute greatly to tailoring public health interventions of human-mobility reduction and social-distancing. 

Coming out the other side in the new normal, Manu suggests that we should recognise that we have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver transformative change in decarbonising transport if we look at Covid-19 as a ‘disruptive event’ that has brought about a range of changes in travel behaviour.

This story first published in Trust & Technology Initiative

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