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Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

On the 1st of November 2016 Professor Tim Broyd succeeded from Sir John Armitt as President of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Professor Broyd's presidential address given at ICE's London headquarters was entitled 'Engineering a Digital Future.' The talk called for digital technology to be embraced and set out "how digital engineering can transform people’s lives, how this agenda can help us to deliver, on time, at reduced cost, and with a quality and precision that changes the way we operate and manage truly smart infrastructure."

The next flagship policy report by ICE in their State of the Nation series will be published in the spring of 2017 and will be focused on digital engineering. In particular the report will examine implications of digital technology on civil engineering, infrastructure sectors and society.

Professor Broyd's address can be read here,  a video of Professor Broyd giving the speech may be watched here