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Carbon Reduction Code for Infrastructure Sector Clients and Supply Chain Members 

This Code was drafted by the CSIC Achieving Net Zero Cross-Industry Working Group. It is a first step to facilitate action by relevant parties towards reducing carbon emissions (CO2eq) related to design, construction, maintenance and operation of built assets. It is not intended to replace PAS 2080 (or equivalent standards), which provides a common framework for all infrastructure sectors and value chain members on how to manage whole life carbon when delivering infrastructure assets and programmes of work.  

Carbon reduction is more likely to happen when all organisations within a value chain are committed to reducing their footprint and saving costs. Carbon collaboration is the key to success, and with alignment across all parties we are confident we’ll achieve transition towards the net zero carbon objective.

This will need to be delivered within and alongside the wider, coordinated system-of-systems approach needed across the economy.

The Code is currently being trialed by members of the NACF (National Association of Construction Frameworks) and two major clients. Members of i3P are also engaged in the trial development.
If you have any questions about the Code or would like to know more, please contact
February 2021