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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

Dr Kemp’s lecture titled ‘A glimpse into the future.... by considering the past. The challenges, the opportunities – and our consciences,’ draws attention to the potential of smarter infrastructure to support a healthier and more prosperous society but raises questions about the ethics required to safeguard data use and how to ensure that, as humans, we remain an essential part of the decision-making process.


CSIC Distinguished Lecture 2018 - Dr Anne Kemp, Atkins Fellow and Chair of UK BIM Alliance

This thought-provoking lecture raises the importance of taking a multi-disciplinary and diverse approach to thinking about smart infrastructure and planning a future shaped by information derived from data.

Dr Kemp asks: “If we reflect on how mistakes have been made in the past, can this provide insight into how we can avoid some of the unintended consequences for the future?”