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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

An Innovation and Knowledge Centre funded by EPSRC and Innovate UK

Studying at Cambridge

Infrastructure revolution

last modified Jun 20, 2012 11:08 PM

The work of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction has been featured on the main Department of Engineering website:-

Technology has advanced to the point where the condition of bridges, tunnels and buildings can be monitored in unprecedented detail. Now a new Centre at Cambridge has been formed to kick-start the smart infrastructure revolution.

"London Underground needs to know if the Northern Line is good for another 20 years, or another 80, or longer. At the moment, nobody really knows."

—Professor Robert Mair

London Bridge, so far as we know, is not falling down. Whether we would be able to tell if it was about to, however, is a different question. And, if it was, we would need to calculate how much time it had left, so that we could establish when to deny people and traffic access for their own safety. Such matters have been preoccupying researchers like Professors Robert Mair and Kenichi Soga for most of their careers – and with good reason...

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