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last modified Oct 20, 2015 03:20 PM
The Civil Engineering Triennial Summit 2015: Resilience and Growth for Future Cities brings together three global engineering institutions – the Institution of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers and Canadian Society of Civil Engineers to deliver a summit on resilience and growth.

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Image courtesy of ICE

The new reality of extreme weather events, population surges and resource scarcity is highly complex and uncertain. Unanimous research suggests that the earlier cities begin to future proof the better the end results will be. Physical structures and the political, economic and societal mechanisms that support our cities must be up to task.

The ICE Summit, to be held on 9-10 November, in London, will connect decision makers and the investment community from around the world with engineers, technology experts and built environment professionals at the forefront of civic resilience.

The ICE Asset Management 2015: Innovation, Collaboration, Engagement, to be held on 10 November, in London, will provide a platform for engineers, asset owners and operators to discuss, exchange views and come to conclusions on what is most important for the future of UK's transport and infrastructure assets.

The conference will look at the blend of innovation, collaboration and engagement practices the industry needs to apply to ensure that infrastructure assets thrive in the next 10 years.

The event offers an opportunity to meet with senior industry representatives from across the spectrum and share case studies and lessons learnt.  

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