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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information


On the Governance of City Digital Twins-Insights from the Cambridge Case Study 2019 T Nochta, N Badstuber, W Noura CDBB

Developing a City-Level Digital Twin–Propositions and a Case Study L Wan, T Nochta, JM Schooling International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2019 

Digitalisation for smarter cities: moving from a static to a dynamic view T Nochta, L Wan, JM Schooling, C Lemanski, AK Parlikad, Y Jin Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2018

A Socio-Technical Perspective on Urban Analytics: The Case of City-Scale Digital Twins T Nochta, L Wan, JM Schooling, AK Parlikad  Journal of Urban Technology, 1-25 2020

Network Governance and Energy Transitions in European Cities T Nochta This book investigates and evaluates the opportunities and limitations of network governance in building local capacity for energy infrastructure governance.

Biomedical campus city digital twin experiment  T Nochta, Smart Cambridge et al The Cambridge City-scale Digital Twin (CDT) model has been using a large transport monitoring data set to explore travel patterns to/from and around the CBC site and their first report has just been published.