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CSIC instrumental in our Industry Partner winning Ground Engineering 2013 Sustainability Award for foundation reuse & innovate use of Fibre-Optics

last modified Mar 20, 2014 02:40 PM

Last week Cementation Skanska won the Ground Engineering Sustainability Award for work on the Bevis Marks project. A large part of the submission focused on reuse of the foundation and the use of optical fibre instrumentation. In particular, it highlighted the importance of such instrumentation, used in this way for the first time, in the success of this project. The innovative use of such sophisticated instrumentation to facilitate foundation reuse was commended by the judges.

This award provides a great demonstration of the use and commercialisation of ‘smart’ optical fibre instrumentation and also highlights the work of University of Cambridge and the wider CSIC, in particular the Fibre Optic projects, being applied successfully in practice.

Sustainability Award

Entrants for this category had to demonstrate an innovative, unusual, or cutting edge approach to environmental and sustainability issues on a geotechnical project.

This could be in the form of reuse of materials or existing structures/foundations, innovation in redeveloping brownfield sites or use of technology/design to reduce carbon emissions or any initiative that drives sustainability in the widest sense across the project.

Eligibility: January 2012 - January 2013

WINNER: Cementation Skanska and Waterman, 6 Bevis Marks

Andrew Bell, Chief Engineer at Cementation Skanska, says "Thank you to all those at Cambridge who worked on this project with us and helped make it such a success."

Further details will be published in next month's Ground Engineering magazine.