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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

This conference, open by invitation only, will provide a forum for senior researchers and industrialists to learn from each other about what does and doesn’t work in university-industry collaborative research of all kinds.

The morning features four sessions covering very different forms of engagement, with both academic and industrial perspectives on each. The afternoon session presents the results of a prior workshop into managing strategic partnerships in the UK and the US. We will run the conference under ‘Chatham House rules’ to encourage free and open discussions.

The conference is preceded by a dinner at which the keynote will be given
by Professor Richard Penty, Master of Sydney Sussex, discussing his years of
collaboration experience, and providing delegates with an opportunity to informally share insights and views.

Thursday, 1 May, 2014 - 08:30 to 15:30
Event location: 
Cambridge, UK