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A book setting out possible sustainable urban futures has been authored by CSIC Research Associate Dr Sinan Küfeoglu, who is part of the CSIC Digital Cities for Change (DC²) project.

Titled ‘The Home of the Future: Digitalization and Resource Management’, and part of Springer Nature's Sustainable Development Goals Series, the book presents an in-depth study to demonstrate how a sustainable future urban life is possible. However, in order to build a safer and more sustainable future, humankind must increase use of renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon and water footprints across all economic sectors.

The book considers grand and pressing challenges including increasing population and consumption against limited resources available for present and future generations. It presents a design for futuristic living and working space and includes investigation of the water-energy-food nexus while bringing focus to Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr Küfeoglu, said: “The objective of this book is to investigate the self-sustaining concept through the water-energy-food nexus perspective. To apply the theory into practice, we have designed a self-sustaining house that will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for entrepreneurs, start-ups and researchers. ODIH, as a platform, will serve as a catalyst for exploring the boundaries of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Charging and Blockchain that can be used in resource management. We believe this will be a true open innovation test-bed for new business models.”

If you would like to learn more about this topic, Dr Küfeoglu is presenting a CSIC Research Talk on Zoom on Thursday 9 September at 1pm. Titled ‘Business models, financing and procurement of innovation in Digital Cities for Change’ the DC² talk will consider how the procurement of innovation can be used to achieve beneficial social outcomes. Investigating business models, financing and procurement in the public sector, the aim is to outline specific roles, skills and competencies to perform necessary tasks for procuring innovation in digital cities of the future.


 • ‘The Home of the Future: Digitalization and Resource Management’ (ISBN: 978-3-030-75093-0) can be purchased as a hard-back publication and e-book. For more information see here.

• To request Zoom invitation for the CSIC Research Talk on Thursday 9 September at 1pm please email:



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