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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

The CSIC Distinguished Lecture 2023 will be presented by the founding head of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) and Emeritus Sir Kirby Laing Professor of Civil Engineering at Cambridge University, Lord Robert Mair on 28 September.

Professor Mair is  also one of the founding Directors of the Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG), an international consulting company based in London, and he has extensive experience of design and construction for a wide variety of civil engineering projects in many countries, particularly those involving geotechnical issues and underground construction.

The Lecture, entitled ‘Infrastructure - can't measure, can't improve?’, will reflect on the extent to which Smart Infrastructure will shape a better future for infrastructure and the society it serves. Drawing on the achievements of CSIC over the past 13 years, a number of CSIC case studies and projects will be selected focusing mainly on fibre optic strain sensing for field measurements. The Lecture will cover innovative examples of (a) performance-based design improvements, (b) construction control, (c) assessment of performance of existing infrastructure assets, and (d) early warning detection systems.

• The CSIC Distinguished Lecture 2023 is on 28 September at Lecture Theatre 2 (LT2), Department of Engineering, Trumpington Street, Cambridge. There will be a poster session and refreshments at 4.30pm in Lecture room 4 and the Distinguished Lecture will start at 5.30pm in LT2. 

• Please register your attendance via eventbrite.

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