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This month’s Smart Infrastructure Blog announces the sign-up process for the Carbon Reduction Code – and calls for organisations to pledge commitment.  

The Blog, titled ‘Committing to make a difference – sign-up to the Carbon Reduction Code’, written by CSIC Programme Manager Dee Dee Frawley, is published in the same month that marks COP26 bringing together nations and representatives to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Setting the scene in relation to the sector’s contribution to high carbon levels, the Blog explains the role of the Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment which has been “designed to facilitate collaborative action towards reducing carbon emissions (CO2eq) related to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of built assets and, importantly, asks organisations to report annually on reducing emissions”. Following early trials by the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF), the Environment Agency, and Skanska Costain STRABG and HS2 Joint Venture, the Code has been reissued to reflect industry feedback. It provides a mechanism that enables individual organisations to publicise their annual progress, and thereby collaborate and share best practice on their journey to Net Zero with the intention of accelerating progress across the industry.

Transparency at this level enables participating organisations to learn from each other, collaborate and share best practice. Creating a supportive community also invites organisations leading the field in net zero to offer support and guidance to others who are at an earlier stage of transition, including smaller companies which might lack the resources available to larger firms.”

The blog concludes with a call to action: “Creating a community of built environment organisations to support the journey to net zero will help everyone to reach the destination of net zero. The more organisations that sign up to the Code the greater the difference we can make.”


• Read the full Smart Infrastructure Blog ‘Committing to make a difference – sign-up to the Carbon Reduction Code’ by Dee Dee Frawley here 

• Read more about the Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment Issue 2021:2 here

• Read the Carbon Reduction Code for the Built Environment Issue 2021:2 here

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