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Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Transforming infrastructure through smarter information

Events for CSIC's 10th Anniversary

3 June – 13 July 2021


Celebrating 10 years of CSIC

This year, CSIC is celebrating 10 years of collaborating to transform infrastructure and construction through smarter information. This vision is as relevant today as it was at the Centre’s launch 10 years ago. In the context of the world’s immediate and pressing challenges of carbon zero, resource constraint and resilience, achieving this vision is increasingly time critical.

An Innovation and Knowledge Centre, funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK and Industry Partners, CSIC continues to work closely with partner organisations to develop and demonstrate approaches to data acquisition and innovative applications of technologies to help establish the UK market for smart infrastructure and construction. Smart infrastructure solutions enable efficient and sustainable whole-life asset management decisions for both new and existing infrastructure. Find out more about us here.

Even while celebrating the significant successes of the past decade, CSIC is keenly focused on plans for the next 10 years, collaborating to consolidate progress and continuing to transform infrastructure and construction to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future. 

We hope you will join us to celebrate 10 years of CSIC at a number of special online events organised to mark the occasion. These run from 3 June to 13 July and include the publication of the 2021 Annual Review and conclude with the CSIC Distinguished Lecture by Professor Jim Hall, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risk at the University of Oxford, titled The data revolution in global-scale analysis of climate risks to infrastructure systems.  


Additional events will be added in the coming weeks. If you have any questions about the CSIC events, please contact Jemma Andrews on

Date & Time (BST) Event Code*
3 June, 1:00pm Looking ahead – The future of digitalisation and the built environment – Dr Jennifer Schooling and Professor Mark Girolami CSIC 0306
10 June, 4:30pm Fast-paced research presentations:
  • Pile thermal integrity testing technique: Development and perspective – Jason Sun
  • Multi-sensing data: Enabling better-informed decisions for deteriorating infrastructure – Dr Haris Alexakis and Dr Nikolaos Tziavos
  • Urban Governance and Digital Technologies – Evolution or revolution? – Dr Timea Nochta
  • Risk-informed monitoring and management of bridges – Dr Manu Sasidharan
  • Long-term performance monitoring of the Staffordshire railway bridges – Dr Farhad Huseynov and Paul Fidler
  • Long-term performance monitoring of the Staffordshire railway bridges…The inception of a Digital Twin – Dr Miguel Bravo-Haro
CSIC 1006
1 July, 1:00pm Research Talk: Project VIMTO and its progress towards the derivation of rail roughness spectra from axle-box accelerometers – Dr James Talbot and Tobias Carrigan Donfrancesco CSIC 0107
8 July, 4:30pm Online Workshop: Bringing buildings to life – Dr Miguel Bravo-Haro CSIC 0807
13 July, 5:30pm CSIC 2021 Distinguished Lecture: The data revolution in global-scale analysis of climate risks to infrastructure systems by Professor Jim Hall, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risk, University of Oxford. Read more about this event here Booking link
*You can book your ticket for the Distinguished Lecture on 13 July here. To book for other events, please contact Jemma Andrews with the event code/s.